Want to Take my Pulse?

A deliberately opaque title for a Blog post. The oldest trick in the book, and you fell for it. If it is any consolation, I recognise that it was a childish thing to do and I apologise for it.

So, what's it about anyway? Well, as I have blogged about elsewhere, I have switched my primary interweb allegiance to Posterous. I have also been utterly seduced by an iPad. Combine the iPad with a news reading application called Pulse and you have a curious partnership which brings with it a complimentary additional Blog, provided by Posterous, where things that you "Pulse" get clipped to.

Thus is born The Aiblins Pulse. Rather than throwing clips and snippets from the Web into the middle of this Blog, all that stuff is getting dropped into the Pulse site. It reflects what I'm looking at on the net and, so far, that has been a combination of Pipe Bands, News stories, Tech stuff and Ulster Scots with the odd cycling story thrown in.

I cannot commend the site to you with any great certainty. Whether you have any interest in it will depend on whether the odd mix above has any appeal. What I can say is that the iPad and Pulse combination itself is pretty satisfying and having the Blog page there to store all your "read later" or "I like this" stuff, makes a nice change from relying on services like InstaPaper. So, have a look at The Aiblins Pulse if you want.

Have a look at an iPad if you want a lighter bank balance and a new form of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.