Warm and Busy

I'm not sure I've seen a crowd like it. Nor can I remember being as sweltered.

The place is bunged.

Boghall have just started their MSR and I saw Cullybackey just forming up to get ready for the start of the Medley. A couple of hours and it'll be almost over!

Blogging Live!

Grade 1 Qualifiers

They have posted the names of the qualifiers on an electronic board this year. Although an improvement on the previous magic marker efforts, it doesn't photograph well!!

For the sake of clarity, the names are:

Fife Constabulary
Dowco Triumph Street
RWD Vale of Atholl
Auckland and District
78th Fraser Highlanders

If you have been reading previously, you'll know that I am currently eating my sporran!!

Blogging Live!

There Can be Few Greater Delicacies...

It is a long established tradition that our Worlds trip includes a visit to Edinburgh for the Tattoo. The photos which bear testimony to that fact are in the Gallery post below. A central part of that trip is a dander down the Royal Mile to Bene's chippy for a haggis supper and a smoked sausage supper. Neither of these gourmet treats seem to feature in the repertoire of our domestic emporia and I can't think of a single reason why. Chip Shop Owning Men of Ulster! Get the Haggis in!

The suppers were purchased with pleasure and devoured with gusto. Both the native haggis and the smoked sausage may be acquired tastes, but they are well worth acquiring. Who would have thought it. Aiblins is on the verge of developing a restaurant review section.