A Blast from the Past

The 78th Fraser Highlands qualified and I was glad to see it.

Over the past few years it had been sad to see them slip down the ladder and not to even qualify last year. They still sound a bit "thin" compared to today's top outfit but I'm glad they are back in the Final at least.

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The Waiting Game

The bands are forming up for the Results. Clever spectators commandeer the abandoned grandstands from earlier grades awaiting the formal proceedings and the all important results.

In truth, this is the rubbish bit. No matter how enthusiastic Mervyn Herron tries to sound, it's basically a lot of bands moseying in to the accompaniment of 6/8s.


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You'll forgive me for skipping the Drum Majors, save to say that Northern Ireland was again fairly dominant. One has to wonder if the rest of the world is really trying....

Adult Drum Major bucked the trend and went to the SFU Drum Major (J Paquio). Was that an omen? I'm typing this as we go, so who knows?

Paula Braiden came a creditable second, keeping the Ulster end up. And now, as they say, the Bands...

Novice Juvenile

Drums - George Watson
Overall - Oban High School

Grade 4B

Drums - Upper Crossgare
Overall - Upper Crossgare

Grade 4A

Drums - Gransha
Overall - Gransha


Drums - Boghall & Bathgate
Overall - Dollar Academy

Grade 3B

Drums - Badenoch and Strathspey
Overall - Geoghegan Memorial

Grade 3A

Drums - St Finbarr's
Overall - St Finbarr's

Grade 2

Drums - Bagad Brieg
Overall - Ravara

Grade 1

Drums - SLOT
Overall - (in order)
Boghall & Bathgate*
Scottish Power

Medley - SLOT

[* - Edit - This was the order called on the day and thus is the order I'm leaving in this post, as a document of record. In fact, the results were later amended to have SFU in third, ahead of Boghall on Ensemble preference. The link to the offical RSPBA results page is here.]

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A Welcome Addition

Due to variable cell reception, the posts are slowing down. As am I.

You can see from the photos that there is now a gourmet eating spot in the Food from Argyll tent.

Haggis, neeps and tatties is my predictable (and delicious) fare but you can also have a roast Aberdeen Angus dinner or a venison burger. Brilliant!

I wholeheartedly commend the haggis. As I strolled the Green a number of passersby remarked on the bowl of goodness and sallied off towards the tent.

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Warm and Busy

I'm not sure I've seen a crowd like it. Nor can I remember being as sweltered.

The place is bunged.

Boghall have just started their MSR and I saw Cullybackey just forming up to get ready for the start of the Medley. A couple of hours and it'll be almost over!

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