Low Tech Again

Why can't they get this on the big screen? They managed it 2 years ago.

All around, you can hear people mutter, "How the eff are you supposed to read that?"

In other news, the suspended Jim Kilpatrick and his Shotts corps have just been drum saluting at the Pearl Tent.

Blogging the Worlds - Again

I know hardly anyone reads these ramblings, but that won't stop me polluting the Internet with even more of the same.

This year, the Worlds trip has been extended a little and I already have nigh on 2 hours of video of a few of the Big Bands practising. The photo is of Scottish Power, warming up in front of a truly packed National Piping Centre.

I'll be roaming the Green tomorrow and will post occasionally. These days, the video is king, and that will have to wait for my return home next week.